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   Fine Crafted Handmade Jewelry by Lydia Gadaleta

Metal Care Jewelry Information

Each piece of LyLa metal jewelry is hand crafted in either fine silver (99.9% silver), sterling silver (at least 92.5% silver), 22K gold accents, copper and brass. An important step in cleaning your piece is to be gentle. There are many cleaning products available for each type of metal, but I recommend removing tarnish by washing with warm water containing a few drops of mild phosphate free dish washing liquid. Do this often and your metal jewelry will not develop a dark tarnish. A SOFT baby toothbrush can be used (gently and only when needed) for more aggressive cleaning. Before storing, wipe the piece with a soft cloth and let air dry COMPLETELY. Moisture hastens tarnishing. Use a polishing cloth to return the piece to a high luster if desired.

Pieces that contain textiles, pearls, or soft gemstones should NOT be immersed in soapy water. Use a cotton swab with diluted dish washing liquid carefully wiping the metal surfaces that need cleaning. Wipe the piece with a damp cloth or cotton swab to remove soap.

For metal jewelry integrity and beauty, pieces should not be worn in water (swimming, hot tub, shower, etc.). Contact with chlorine and household cleaning products will dull the finish and will eventually dissolve the metal. I recommend applying perfume, hairspray, hand and body lotions before putting on your metal jewelry.

Beadwork Jewelry Care Information

Each piece of LyLa beadwork is constructed of tiny glass beads. I use the strongest and highest quality materials available in my jewelry pieces ensuring the longevity of each piece.

Please be aware beads patina over time. This is natural bead maturity. There will be a slight change in bead color and finish through time and wear. Beaded jewelry that has no textile or leather components can be cleaned by dipping the piece in warm water and patted dry with a soft cloth. The thread I use in my beadwork is fishing line and is compatible with water. For bead finish integrity, occasional cleaning is fine, however regular and prolonged contact with water is not advised. Using a soft brush or microfiber cleaning cloth is the best to clean items with textile, pearl, or leather components.

Beadwork is not intended to be worn in water. Pieces should be removed before swimming, bathing, washing, etc. Perfumes and hairspray will also negatively affect bead finishes. I recommend applying perfume, hairspray, hand lotion and body lotions before putting on your beaded jewelry.

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