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   Fine Crafted Handmade Jewelry by Lydia Gadaleta

Lydia Gadaleta is a self-taught jewelry designer. Introductory beading classes have led to an explosion of exploration, intense creativity, and passion into the world of personal adornment-JEWELRY!

Intricate jewelry making techniques using beads, Art Clay, Chainmaille, and textiles are mediums that she transforms into unique one of a kind handmade jewelry. Her jewelry is always evolving but preserves what makes it unique and significant in a competitive market; a distinct design vision and fierce attention to the intricacies of handcrafted quality.

Lydia’s entrepreneurial spirit is a direct reflection of her passion for jewelry with a focus and drive to customer satisfaction. Every piece of The Lyla Look Jewelry embodies Lydia’s passion for beauty, craftsmanship and exquisite detail. “I am always so grateful and humbled by my customers and attribute my success to their patronage and loyalty.”

GRASP THE LOOK! Adorn yourself beautifully with one of a kind handcrafted jewelry